hills1Razor Cabling & Security highly recommend the the Hills Reliance combination of door and window sensors, glassbreak sensors, smoke detectors and interior motion sensors to detect unauthorised entry to specific areas of your home.
If an intrusion attempt is detected when the system is “Armed”, a loud siren will sound to deter the intruder and draw attention. Sensors can be programmed with a delay – giving you time to leave after you have armed the system, and time for you to enter your code to disarm the system upon your return.
Code pads give you full control over the system and allow you to view the status of each device, and with the new VoiceNav code pad you can even talk to people in different rooms!
The Hills Reliance has the ability to report alarms to an 24hr Alarm Monitoring Station who can respond to the alarm according to your specific requirements (e.g. despatch a patrol, call you, a neighbour or a friend).


Each Hills alarm system comes standard with the following compnents ;

  • Control Panel
  • Power Supply
  • Backup Battery
  • Internal Siren
  • External Siren

Simply chose your style of Keypad, External siren & Sensors and your protected in no time!