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robberAlarm systems are a critical part to the security of your home or business to help prevent theft and intrusion. Razor Security supply, install and service all types of alarm systems specialising in the Hills NX & Bosch range across Melbourne to help you achieve greater peace of mind.

Home security alarm systems are a necessary evil in today's society. Unfortunately gone are the times when someone could leave their doors unlocked and their windows open in the summer. These days, any open window on the first floor of your home is begging for an intruder to jump through.


There are several reasons why one should have an alarm system in the home aside from the obvious.


  • Home Security Alarm Systems Provide Peace of Mind

Having your own home security alarm system in your home can provide peace of mind. We live in a consumer driven society, and it is important that we protect our belongings. Owning a home security alarm system will notify the authorities when an intruder enters your home when you are away. It does not matter if one lives in suburbia or in the downtown of a city, crime happens everywhere. By having a home security alarm system, the knowledge in and of itself that your home is protected will grant you and your family peace of mind.


  • Home Security Alarm Systems Provide Safety

It is clear that owning a home security alarm system provides safety in your home. The last place that one should have to worry about his or her own safety is in the own home. In addition to detecting intruders, most home security alarm systems can be hooked up to smoke detectors for added safety. There are generally one push buttons on a home security alarm system keypad for contacting the Police, Fire brigade and Ambulance in an emergency. These additional features of a home security alarm system provide additional safety to one's home.



Need added security? Chose from the SED-64 or PM45 backup diallers to get that added security you need


The SED-64 backup dialler is the perfect product for those needing to stay connected with thier alarm without paying for back to base monitoring, utilising a SIM card that you supply the SED-64 dialler can contact you directly incase of any alarm events. The perfect answer for any premises that doesn't have access to a fixed phone lines or requires added security to protect against phone line cutting.


The PM45 2G & 3G diallers are the newest answer for Monitored systems. WIth the PM45 dialler theres no need to worry about any additional costs to you, taking control of your alarm system the PM45 communicates directly with your monitoring station to keep you protected againt any intrusions. The PM45 is also the best solution for those situations where fixed land lines are not available. As an added bonus the PM45 comes with an iPhone/Android app that lets you control your alarm system with yoru mobile phone. Product brochure coming soon.


Razor Security use and recommend the following products, with so many options available feel free to contact us and we can come to you and design a system best suited to your needs. From simple set and forget protection to full integrated alarm with access control we have the answer for you.


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